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a Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible open source chess program under the MIT License by Adrien M. Regimbald, written in C and last updated as version 1.4.4 in 2001. It is a good example of didactic programming, containing features similar to that of Gerbil, coded in a way much more digestible for beginners. Faile is the name of a character from the popular Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Adrien wanted to use a different name from the series, but it was taken, and he eventually settled on Faile [1].


Faile uses a 12x12 mailbox board representation plus piece lists, negamax alpha-beta with transposition table, killer- and history heuristic, captures ordered by material gain, check extensions, null move pruning with mate threat extensions, and quiescence search inside an iterative deepening framework. Evaluation considers material, piece-square tables, pawn structure, and some rook and king safety terms.


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