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This page serves as a quick reference for those who look for ideas about evaluating different kinds of pieces.


penalty for "d" and "e" pawns blocked on their initial squares


  • Decreasing value as pawns disappear
  • Outposts
  • Knight trapped on A8/H8/A7/H7 or A1/H1/A2/H2 - see Trapped Pieces
  • Penalty for blocking a C-pawn in closed openings (Crafty defines it as follows: white knight on c3, white pawns on c2 and d4, no white pawn on e4)
  • When calculating knight mobility, it is advisable to omit squares controlled by enemy pawns
  • Marginal bonus for a knight defended by a pawn
  • Penalty for an undefended minor piece (Stockfish)



  • Increasing value as pawns disappear
  • Rook on Open File
  • Rook on Seventh (possibly also eigth) rank
  • Tarrasch Rule
  • Penalty for a Rook blocked by an uncastled King
  • Small bonus for a rook with enemy queen on the same file (doesn't matter if it's open or not)
  • Rooks defending each other (Rebel uses a piece/square table for that, making supporeted rook on 7th rank even more valuable)


  • Penalty for early development [1]
  • Some programs do not evaluate queen mobility
  • Some versions of Fruit replace queen mobility by king tropism
  • If king safety evaluation relies on king tropism, queen tends to get somewhat higher bonus


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