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Jonathan Rosenthal [1]

Jonathan Rosenthal,
a Swiss chess FIDE Master [2], former U14 master of Switzerland, and computer scientist affiliated with ETH Zurich. He made first chess programming experience in writing a chess engine dubbed The Machine, which played at HGM's Online Engine Blitz Tourney in January 2015 [3]. In the meantime, he graduated at ETH with his Bachelor of Science thesis on deep lerning in Go [4], which covers aspects of computer chess versus computer Go, along with search and evaluation topics such as alpha-beta, Monte-Carlo Tree Search, and deep neural networks as used in Matthew Lai's thesis chess engine Giraffe, and DeepMind's AlphaGo.


Jonathan Rosenthal's second chess programming approach started in 2016 as a group project in a university course on parallel computing along with Jonas Kuratli and Jonathan Maurer. Influenced by his machine learning experience in the domain of Go, after removing the parallel portion of the code, the project evolved to an UCI compliant open source chess engine called Winter, released on January 08, 2018 [5].

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