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Matthew Lai [1]

Matthew Lai,
a Canadian electrical engineer and computer scientist, and further a private pilot [2], chessplayer and computer chess programmer. He holds a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from University of British Columbia in 2013, and a M.Sc. in advanced computing at Imperial College London in 2015. Matthew Lai is primary author of the chess engine Brainless [3] , a project from Matthew 's high school years, that has been abandoned in about 2008 when German chess master Wieland Belka and Pawel Koziol contributed to the evaluation to play the IOCSC 2010 [4]. His AI research focused on Autonomous Soccer Playing Robots [5] and, as topic of his Master's thesis [6], on deep learning applied to chess within his project Giraffe [7], which discontinued when Matthew started his professional career at Google DeepMind in 2016 [8], soon involved in the AlphaZero project applied to chess, Shogi and Go [9].

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