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Thore Graepel [1]

Thore Graepel,
a German physicist and computer scientist, professor of machine learning at University College London, and research lead at Google DeepMind, where he is involved in the AlphaGo and AlphaZero projects mastering the games of Go, chess and Shogi. Thore Graepel received his Ph.D. in machine learning from TU Berlin in 2001. Before joining DeepMind, he was head of the online services and advertising (OSA) research group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. His research interests include probabilistic models, knowledge representation and reasoning, aspects of behavioural game theory, crowdsourcing, and psychometrics [2]. As a Go player, he was passionate about creating a computer program that plays the game of Go better than the best human players [3], and when joining Google, he was the first guy who lost against the "neural network" [4].

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