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Unser Fritz [1]

Fat Fritz,
a commercial chess entity by ChessBase, the first version released in November 2019 featuring a set of custom made neural network weights that work in the open source project Leela Chess Zero within its Lc0 executable, while Fat Fritz 2.0 released in February 2021 is based on Stockfish 12 and custom NNUE technology.

Fat Fritz 1

Initially introduced as a cloud project in summer 2019, inspired by DeepMind's ground breaking AlphaZero approach combining Deep learning with Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) [2], and Albert Silver's Deus X experience, relaxing Leela Chess' "Zero" paradigm of pure reinforcement learning due to supervised learning, Fat Fritz was released in November 2019 as part the Fritz 17 package, best supported by a GPU card such as Nvidia GeForce 20 series. The project and its underlying techniques were emphasized by a talk of AlphaZero co-author Thore Graepel at ChessBase, attended by German computer chess icon Thomas Nitsche along with his sons and Math42 authors Raphael Nitsche and Maxim Nitsche [3]. Fat Fritz was further supported by Daniel Uranga [4] [5].


Lc0 and DeusX aka Fat Fritz components [6]

Fat Fritz 2

Fat Fritz 2, released on February 09, 2021, is based on NNUE technology and Stockfish 12 with a double sized network, and thus, running on a CPU, not requiring expensive GPU graphic cards for game playing like its predecessor. The network was trained by Albert Silver with the help of Daniel Uranga and Dietrich Kappe, who provided scripts and ideas. Further credits were given to the Stockfish contributors, and in particular Yu Nasu for his groundbreaking work on NNUE, and Hisayori Noda for the initial Stockfish NNUE implementation [7]. Using the original Fat Fritz as initial supervisor to evaluate chess positions, the learning of Fat Fritz 2 was reinforced by Stockfish's alpha-beta search [8]. The initial release had the 40 MiB NNUE file embedded inside the Fat Fritz 2 executable, and was soon separated after the intervention of the Stockfish community due to a possible GPL license violation [9]. While the separated none GPL licensed NNUE file had a replacement on GitHub [10], it was not identical with the commercial purchased network, yielding in weaker play [11]. The Stockfish community, denying Fat Fritz 2's originality as claimed by ChessBase, initially reacted with the release of Stockfish 13 on February 19, 2021 [12]. In summer 2021, the Stockfish team filed a lawsuit against ChessBase to enforce the consequences of the license termination concerning Fat Fritz 2 and the allegedly Stockfish derivative Houdini 6 sold by ChessBase [13].

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Fritz 17

Source Code

ff2 · DanielUranga/Stockfish@e44edde · GitHub
FF2 · DanielUranga/Stockfish@faef72a · GitHub
Stockfish/FatFritz2_v1.bin at ff2 · DanielUranga/Stockfish · GitHub

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