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an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Adam Treat, written in C++ using Qt, released under the terms of GPL version 3. Allie is inspired by the seminal AlphaZero paper [1] and the Leela Chess Zero project - in particular it utilizes the same networks produced by Leela Chess, and replaces Lc0 with an own implementation of a PUCT Monte-Carlo tree search [2].


AllieStein is the combination of Allie with Leela's third party Leelenstein network by Mark Jordan [3] [4], which is trained by supervised learning feeding in games from CCRL, supported by SGDR (Stochastic Gradient Descent with Warm Restarts) [5] and GGT (full-matrix adaptive regularization) [6], using batch renormalization [7], and adding gradient noise [8].


Lc0 Intersections


What Alliestein has in Common with Lc0 [12]

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