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Hisayori Noda, (野田久順, Nodchip)
a Japanese mathematician, computer scientist, and computer Shogi and chess programmer, who introduced NNUE to Stockfish, yielding in Stockfish NNUE. While affiliated with the Tokyo Institute of Technology from 2002 until 2011 [1], his research focused on signal processing along with harmonic analysis [2].


Hisayori Noda is author and co-author of various Shogi playing entities within the Tanuki family [3], and member of their corresponding development teams. In 2016, his first Shogi programming involvement was with Tanuki no Mori as member of the Tanuki no Mori Production Committee along with Jun Okabe, Takahiro Suzuki, and Masatoshi Hidaka [4]. Subsequent teams were called The Minstrel's Ballad: Tanuki's Reign with Yu Nasu and at times Akio Kono joining [5] [6], and most recently Ziosoft Computer Shogi Club, with the World Computer Shogi Championship entries of Shouten Gensou Knights of Tanuki (2017, derived from Yaneura King by Motohiro Isozaki aka Yaneurao) [7] [8], the end of genesis T.N.K.evolution turbo type D (2018) [9] [10], and Tanu-King at the WCSC29 [11]. Hisayori Noda's open source Shogi engine Ultimate Fantasy Alte Matanupon (究極幻想アルテマタヌポン) is based on technology from WCSC29 champion YaneuraOu [12] [13].


Ziosoft's the end of genesis T.N.K.evolution turbo type D was the first Shogi engine using Yu Nasu's new evaluation function based on a shallow neural network, dubbed NNUE (ƎUИИ Efficiently Updatable Neural Networks) [14], further refined in YaneuraOu using a Stockfish based Shogi adaptation, as well in competing Shogi playing entities such as WCSC29 runner-up Kristallweizen [15], both apparently with superhuman AlphaZero strength [16].

Stockfish NNUE

In recent years, the Shogi developers have borrowed many ideas from Stockfish, and adopted its search and infrastructure. With the new NNUE revolution, Hisayori Noda's honest motivation was to give something back to the Stockfish community [17]. In 2019, as a proof of concept, he incorporated NNUE into Stockfish 10, After support and announcements by Henk Drost in May 2020 [18] and subsequent enhancements, Stockfish NNUE was established and recognized. In summer 2020, with more people involved in testing and training, the computer chess community bursts out enthusiastically due to its rapidly raising playing strength with different networks trained using a mixture of supervised and reinforcement learning methods. Despite the approximately halved search speed, Stockfish NNUE became stronger than its original [19], and in September 2020 evolved to Stockfish 12 [20].

Selected Publications

[21] [22]

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