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Yu Nasu, (那須悠)
a Japanese computer scientist and Shogi programmer. While affiliated with the Tokyo Institute of Technology [1], and the Knowledge Media Laboratory, Toshiba, his research focused on natural language processing, speech recognition and speech synthesis as application of hidden Markov model and neural networks [2].


Along with Hisayori Noda (Nodchip), Jun Okabe, Takahiro Suzuki, Masatoshi Hidaka, and at times Akio Kono, Yu Nasu was member of The Minstrel's Ballad: Tanuki's Reign [3] [4] and subsequently is member of the Ziosoft Computer Shogi Club, developing and representing the Shogi playing entities Shouten Gensou Knights of Tanuki (2017, derived from Yaneura King by Motohiro Isozaki aka Yaneurao) [5] [6], the end of genesis T.N.K.evolution turbo type D [7] [8] and Tanu-King at the WCSC29 [9].


In 2018, Yu Nasu introduced a new evaluation function based on a shallow neural network whose heavily overparametrized input layer outputs were incremental updated in make and unmake move. This approach, dubbed NNUE (ƎUИИ Efficiently Updatable Neural Networks), turned out to become extremely powerful. NNUE was used along with a Stockfish based Shogi adaptation in YaneuraOu, as well in other Shogi playing entities such as Kristallweizen [10], apparently with superhuman AlphaZero strength [11]. YaneuraOu team member Hisayori Noda aka Nodchip proved that Nasu's idea also works well in western chess, yielding to Stockfish NNUE [12] and in September 2020 to Stockfish 12 [13].

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