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Masatoshi Hidaka, (日高雅俊)
a Japanese computer scientist, software engineer, and computer Shogi programmer. He is affiliated with the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, University of Tokyo [1], where his research interests include computer vision and deep learning. He is co-author of WebDNN, an open source software framework for executing deep neural network (DNN) pre-trained model on web browser [2] [3].


Masatoshi Hidaka is author and co-author of various Shogi playing programs, and member of their corresponding development teams. In 2016, his first Shogi programming involvement was with Tanuki no Mori as member of the Tanuki no Mori Production Committee along with Hisayori Noda, Jun Okabe, and Takahiro Suzuki [4]. Subsequent teams were The Minstrel's Ballad: Tanuki's Reign with Yu Nasu and at times Akio Kono joining [5] [6], and Ziosoft Computer Shogi Club, with the World Computer Shogi Championship entries of Shouten Gensou Knights of Tanuki (2017, derived from Yaneura King by Motohiro Isozaki aka Yaneurao) [7] [8], the end of genesis T.N.K.evolution turbo type D (2018) [9] [10] and the 29th World Computer Shogi Champion [11] YaneuraOu [12] [13]. He is further author of the AlphaZero like approach NeneShogi [14] [15], combining deep learning with Monte-Carlo tree search [16] [17], and the related TensorrtShogi [18] using Nvidia's TensorRT 7 [19].

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