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Samuel Bak - Projection, 1994 [1]

Fruit Reloaded,
an independent fork of Fruit 2.1, started by Daniel Mehrmann in 2012 [2] as a "let's update Fruit" project, published in March 2014 as announced by Fabien Letouzey [3]. Like its predecessor, Fruit Reloaded is UCI compliant and open source licensed under the GPL v3 [4]. Sources are available from a GitHub repository [5]. With some help from Ryan Benitez, the aim was to add a parallel search and to upgrade search and evaluation with recent techniques, still following the clean coding style of Fabien's work. Beside newly added, tweaked or tuned selectivity and evaluation features, Fruit Reloaded can now probe Nalimov Tablebases and Scorpio Bitbases, configurable by appropriate UCI options. Binaries are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android platforms, hosted by Steve Maughan's Computer Chess Programming [6].

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