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Ryan Benitez,
an American computer scientist, Correspondence Chess player [1] and computer chess programmer. Ryan is author of the chess engine RTG with focus on Chess960 and Shuffle Chess [2] [3], and developed the Fruit derivative Gambit Fruit based on the last open-source-version Fruit 2.1. In December 2005, he joined the Fruit team around Fabien Letouzey [4], helping in further developing the then commercial program. After Fabien's retirement in 2007, Ryan resumed the full rights of the non GPL Fruit 2.3+, while Fruit 2.1 is now owned by the Free Software Foundation [5]. Further, Ryan contributed to Fabien's new engine Chess-64 [6] and has changed Fruit into a bitboard engine with a parallel search [7] [8] [9].

Fruit Reloaded

Simultaneously with the Senpai 1.0 release by Fabien Letouzey in March 2014 [10], and initiated by Daniel Mehrmann, an independent fork of Fruit 2.1, dubbed Fruit Reloaded by Fabien Letouzey, Daniel Mehrmann, and Ryan Benitez appeared [11], hosted by Steve Maughan's Computer Chess Programming [12] and sources at GitHub [13].

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