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Eiko Bleicher [1]

Eiko Bleicher,
a German computer scientist, programmer, and author of the analysis tool for chess endgames, Freezer [2]. Eiko Bleicher was student of Ingo Althöfer at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena, and published a paper about Freezer's ideas, called Building Chess Endgame Databases for Positions with many Pieces using A-priori Information. [3]. Eiko cooperates with Stefan Meyer-Kahlen. and is involved in co-developing Endgame Bitbases for Shredder, dubbed Shredderbases [4]. Freezer is commercial, available through shredderchess.com [5].



Eiko Bleicher, Frank Schneider, Chrilly Donninger, Karsten Müller [6]

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