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Dieter Bürßner [1]

Dieter Bürßner, (Dieter Buerssner, Dieter Bürssner)
a German IT-architect, chess programmer, chemist and former member of the The Steiner Research Group in Photochemical Kinetics and Spin Chemistry [2] of the University of Konstanz. Dieter Bürßner started chess programming in the 80s, using Atari ST, PC and computers at the University, such as VAX, MIPS and others [3]. After some chess programming gaps, he started the development of his chess engine Yace in the early 90s.



IPCCC 2003 award ceremony, Dieter Bürßner (2nd with Yace) and Ulf Lorenz [4]

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  1. Meet the Authors by Ed Schröder
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  4. FSV personal chess service - Paderborn 2003 Pics by Torsten Schoop (Wayback Machine), Victory Ceremony: Dieter Bürssner, 2nd place
  5. Dieter Bürßner found a game finished in a fifty-move rule draw, where castling occurred during the last fifty moves

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