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Ulf Lorenz [1]

Ulf Lorenz,
a German computer scientist and professor at the faculty of business administration, University of Siegen, and head of the department of technology management [2].


Until 2007, Ulf Lorenz was member of the research group of Burkhard Monien at the Paderborn University, where he researched on computer chess and in particular on search algorithms. He created the Parallel Controlled Conspiracy Number Search algorithm, topic of his Ph.D. thesis [3], also practically confirmed inside his unique chess program P.ConNerS.

Chess Programs

In Paderbrn, Ulf authored and co-authored various chess programs, most notably the mentioned controlled conspiracy number searcher P.ConNerS, and along with Chrilly Donninger, the FPGA chess entities Brutus and Hydra.


Further, Ulf was tournament organizer as well participant of the International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship IPCCC.


Ulf Lorenz continued his academical career at the Darmstadt University of Technology, where he researched on mathematical optimization and computational complexity theory, in particular quantified integer linear programming with connections to PSPACE-complete games, such as Othello, Gomoku, Amazons and others [4].



Ulf Lorenz, IPCCC 2000 [5]


Hydra team 2004: Ulf Lorenz, Erdogan Günes and Chrilly Donninger, IPCCC 2004 [6]

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