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Peter Mysliwietz [1]

Peter Mysliwietz,
a German computer scientist, games researcher and programmer. Until 1997 Peter Mysliwietz was member of the research group of Burkhard Monien at the Paderborn University [2] and along with Rainer Feldmann author of the massive parallel chess program Zugzwang, and the single processor program Alpha I [3]. In his 1994 Ph.D. thesis Construction and Optimization of the Evaluation Function in Chess [4], Mysliwietz concluded genetic algorithms inferior to simulated annealing in automated tuning. In close collaboration with Rainer Feldmann, Peter was tournament organizer as well as participant and three times winner of the earlier International Paderborn Computer Chess Championships.



You cannot beat Alpha for a Mark
Reinhold Gellner and Peter Mysliwietz in Nightmare vs. Alpha I, WMCCC 1995, Round 6 [5]

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