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Burkhard Monien [1]

Burkhard Monien,
a German computer scientist, professor, since 2008 professor emeritus, and researcher in parallel computing at the Paderborn University, and head of the research group AG Monien: Efficient Use of Parallel and Distributed Systems.

Burkhard Monien supported computer chess and games - in inspiring his students on the research topic of parallel distributed search, as well in hosting the International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship IPCCC and the 9.th World Computer Chess Championship in 1999. His former students Rainer Feldmann, Peter Mysliwietz, Ulf Lorenz and Valentin Rottmann were authors of the parallel chess programs Zugzwang, Ulysses, Cheiron and P.ConNerS.



Burkhard Monien, 1977 at University of Dortmund [2]

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