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Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare[1]

a chess program by Reinhold Gellner and Gaby von Rekowski, playing various tournaments in the late 80s and 90s, most notably the WMCCC 1989, ACM 1990, WMCCC 1990, 2nd Computer Olympiad 1990, WMCCC 1991, WCCC 1992, WMCCC 1993, WCCC 1995, WMCCC 1995, WMCCC 1996, WMCCC 1997, Aegon Tournaments and the early IPCCCs.


given in 1995 [2] :

Completely written in C, work on Nightmare started in 1989 as a non-commercial project. It is a brute force program searching up to 7-ply in the middle-game with a selective search depth of up to 40 ply. Modified null-move searches, modified singular extensions, part-ply extensions and a new idea of hashing related meaningful subtrees are special features of Nightmare.
The program also uses well known techniques like killer-moves, history heuristic, principal variation search and hash tables of 64,000 entries per side. The tournament opening book consists of about 40,000 moves. Endgame databases are NOT used. Last year, Nightmare was transferred to 32-bit under extended DOS and it can now search 12,000 moves per second. The program's rating is about 2000ELO (German) on a 486-50. 



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