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The sixth International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship (6th IPCCC) took place from February 19-23, 1997, hosted by the Paderborn University, Paderborn, Germany. The 1996 gap was caused by the change of schedule from October to February.

Final Standing


# Program CC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 P SOS
1 Zugzwang DE 15b1 10b½ 5w½ 6w1 9b½ 3w1 2b½ 5 26½
2 Comet DE 6b1 3b½ 11w1 7w0 5b1 4b½ 1w½ 30½
3 Amy DE 4b½ 2w½ 13b1 9w1 7b1 1b0 5w½ 28½
4 Schach 3 DE 3w½ 8b½ 7b0 13w1 11b1 2w½ 9w1 26½
5 IsiChess DE 16w1 11b½ 1b½ 10w1 2w0 8b1 3b½ 25
6 SOS DE 2w0 14b1 12w1 1b0 8b½ 16w1 7w1 23½
7 Gandalf DK 12b0 15w1 4w1 2b1 3w0 9w1 6b0 4 26½
8 Stobor US 11w0 4w½ 14b1 15b1 6w½ 5w0 10b1 4 24½
9 Patzer DE 14w1 12w1 10b1 3b0 1w½ 7b0 4b0 27½
10 XXXX DE 13b1 1w½ 9w0 5b0 15w1 11b1 8w0 24½
11 Cheiron DE 8b1 5w½ 2b0 12b1 4w0 10w0 16b1 24½
12 Gromit DE 7w1 9b0 6b0 11w0 16b1 13b1 14w½ 20½
13 Confucius DE 10w0 16b1 3w0 4b0 14b½ 12w0 15w1 20
14 Diogenes DE 9b0 6w0 8w0 16b1 13w½ 15b½ 12b½ 19½
15 Neurologic DE 1w0 7b0 16w1 8w0 10b0 14w½ 13b0 21½
16 Ananse CH 5b0 13w0 15b0 14w0 12w0 6b0 11w0 0 22½


by Tom Kerrigan [2]


Ulf Lorenz and Rainer Feldmann, Walter Bannerman in front


Tournament room, one may recognize Martin Zentner, Rudolf Huber on the left side,
Gerd Isenberg standing far right, ...

Ipccc9 andersbuker.jpg

Confucius team, Martin Anders and Hinrich Büker [3]



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