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Mathias Feist [1]

Mathias Feist,
a German computer chess programmer, ChessBase employee and formidable Chess player [2]. End of the 80s Mathias was hired by ChessBase to port the ChessBase Database program from Atari ST to the MS-DOS operating system based PCs. Mathias is co-author of the Fritz engine by primary author Frans Morsch [3] and worked on the Fritz-GUI for DOS and Windows.

At two Aegon Tournaments, 1996 and 1997 Mathias played on behalf of the humans against the machines. Mathias operated Fritz during various World Computer Chess Championships and Man-Machine matches against Kasparov [4] and Kramnik [5][6].



Mathias Feist still can't believe what has happened in Kramnik versus Deep Fritz 2006 game 2 [7] [8]

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