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Marc Stephen Bourzutschky,
an American physicist and researcher in the field of Retrograde Analysis and Endgame Tablebases. He is creator of the six piece EGTBs for Johan de Koning's compact Chessmaster format. Since 2005, Marc Bourzutschky collaborated with Yakov Konoval on 7-man EGTB. Yakov wrote the generator and Marc the verification program and some utilities for extracting data [1] [2].

EGTB records

In October 2005, Marc Bourzutschky and Yakov Konoval announced that a position in the ending of a KRRNkrr requires 290 moves to convert to a simpler winning endgame [3]. The old record was 243 moves from a position in a rook and knight versus two knights endgame, discovered by Lewis Stiller in 1991 [4]. In March 2006, the wizards of 7-men endgames, Marc Bourzutschky and Yakov Konoval found a 330 moves win in KQBNkqb [5] and in May 2006 a 517 moves win in KQNkrbn [6] [7].

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