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Dallas Hilton [1]

The ACM's Thirteenth North American Computer Chess Championship (NACCC) was held from October, 24 to 26, 1982 at the Dallas Hilton Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA [2] .

Final Standing


# Program CC 1 2 3 4 P SOS SoDOS
1 Belle US 9w½ 4b1 3w1 2b½ 3 10½
2 Cray Blitz US 7b1 5w½ 8b1 1w½ 3
3 Nuchess US 10b1 8w1 1b0 5w1 3 9 6
4 CHAOS US 14b1 1w0 7b1 9w1 3
5 Bebe US 12w1 2b½ 6w1 3b0 10
6 Advance 2.4 GB 11w½ 9b1 5b0 10w1 7
7 Savant X US 2w0 11b1 4w0 13b1 2
8 Fidelity X US 13w1 3b0 2w0 12b1 2
9 Ostrich CA 1b½ 6w0 11w1 4b0 10 3
10 Schach 2.6 DE 3w0 13b1 12w½ 6b0 8
11 Sfinks X US 6b½ 7w0 9b0 14w1 6
12 Philidor GB 5b0 14w1 10b½ 8w0 6 ¾
13 Pion NL 8b0 10w0 14b1 7w0 1 0
14 Chaturanga 2.0 US 4w0 12b0 13w0 11b0 0 7 0



Program CC Team Hardware Language
Advance 2.4 GB Dave Wilson, Mike Johnson 6502 based System Assembly
Bebe US Tony Scherzer Bit Slice Chess hardware Assembly
Belle US Ken Thompson, Joe Condon PDP-11/23, LSI-11
with custom boards
CHAOS US Mike Alexander, Fred Swartz,
Jack O’Keefe, Mark Hersey
AMDAHL 470V/8 Fortran
Chaturanga 2.0 US John Poduska Jr. 68000 based Apollo workstation Pascal
Cray Blitz US Robert Hyatt, Albert Gower, Harry Nelson Cray-1 Fortran IV
Fidelity X US Dan Spracklen, Kathe Spracklen,
Boris Baczynskyj
6502 based System Assembly
Nuchess US David Slate, William Blanchard CDC Cyber 175 Fortran
Ostrich CA Monroe Newborn 8-Nova Multiprocessing System Assembly
Philidor GB David Broughton, David Levy, Kevin O’Connell,
Mark Taylor, Mike Johnson
Z80 Osborne 1 Assembly
Pion NL Jan Derksen, John Huisman, Jaap van den Herik,
Harry Nefkens, Sito Dekker
PDP-11/70 C
Savant X US David Kittinger Z80 based System Assembly
Schach 2.6 DE Matthias Engelbach Burroughs 7800 Algol
Sfinks X US William Fink Z80 TRS-80 Assembly


3-1.Game Room.ACM NACCC 13.Dallas.102645376.NEWBORN.jpg

Game room, round four [5]

Valvo Mitman Newborn Thompson Hyatt.Dallas.1982.jpg

Ken Thompson receives top prize, Ben Mittman, Monroe Newborn and Robert Hyatt (right) look on [6]

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