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Danny Kopec [1]

Danny Kopec, (February 28, 1954 – June 12, 2016 [2])
was an American computer scientist, associate professor at the Brooklyn College [3], international chess master, chess and computer chess writer and assistant tournament director and reporter of various ACM North American Computer Chess Championships [4] , chess programmer and opening book author [5] . Along with Larry Harris et al., Danny Kopec was co-author of Dartmouth CP [6], competing the ACM 1973 [7]. In 1975 Kopec graduated from Dartmouth College and later wrote his Ph.D. in Machine Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, Thesis: Human and Machine Representations of Knowledge, supervisor Donald Michie [8] . In 1982 Danny Kopec and Ivan Bratko designed the Bratko-Kopec Test [9] [10].

Danny Kopec died on June 12, 2016 from pancreatic cancer [11].

Chess Endgames

Quote by Maarten van Emden in I remember Donald Michie [12] :

In 1980 I spent another summer in Edinburgh as a guest of Donald Michie. Since the low point of 1975, thanks to assiduous and inventive joint pursuit of funding possibilities by Donald and Jean, the Machine Intelligence Research Unit was alive with work focused on chess endgames. There were students, including Tim Niblett and Alen Shapiro. Danny Kopec was there, perhaps formally as a student, but de facto as the resident chess consultant. Ivan Bratko visited frequently. Alen was the administrator of the dream computing environment of that time: a small PDP-11 running Unix. 

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