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The Advances in Computer Chess 2 conference was hosted by the University of Edinburgh and held at King's Buildings [2], Edinburgh, Scotland, on April 10-11, 1978. Proceedings were published in 1980, edited by Mike Clarke.


  • Advances in Computer Chess 2
M.R.B. Clarke, Editor, February 1980
Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh
ISBN-10: 0-852-24377-4
ISBN-13: 978-0852243770, amazom


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  4. Max Bramer (1980). An Optimal Algorithm for KPK using Pattern Knowledge.
  5. Don Beal (1980). An analysis of Minimax.
  6. Mike Clarke (1980). The Theory of Coordinate Squares.
  7. Danny Kopec, Tim Niblett (1980). How Hard is the Play of the King-Rook-King-Knight Ending?
  8. John Birmingham, Peter Kent (1980). Mate at a Glance.
  9. Peter Kent (1980). The MASTER Chess Program.


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Advances in Computer Chess 2, announcement in The Computer Journal 1978 21(1) 94 [3]


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