Computers, Chess, and Cognition

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Computers, Chess, and Cognition

Computers, Chess, and Cognition
edited by Tony Marsland and Jonathan Schaeffer
Foreword by Ken Thompson
Published 1990
by Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
ISBN: 0-387-97415-6

New Directions

Computers, Chess, and Cognition contains revised contributions from the WCCC 1989 Workshop New Directions in Game-Tree Search, May 29-30, 1989, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [1] .

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Part Title Author(s) Page
Foreword Ken Thompson 1
I Man and Machine
1.1. A Short History of Computer Chess Tony Marsland 3
1.2. Advances in Man-Machine Play Danny Kopec 9
1.3. 1989 World Computer Chess Championship Jonathan Schaeffer 33
1.4. How Will Chess Programs Beat Kasparov? David Levy 47
II Chess Programs
2.1. Deep Thought Feng-hsiung Hsu, Thomas Anantharaman,
Murray Campbell, Andreas Nowatzyk
2.2. Hitech Hans Berliner, Carl Ebeling 79
2.3. Cray Blitz Robert Hyatt, Albert Gower, Harry Nelson 111
III Computer Chess Methods
3.1 Tree Searching Algorithms Hermann Kaindl 133
3.2 Experiments with the Null-move Heuristic Gordon Goetsch, Murray Campbell 159
3.3. Problematic Positions and Speculative Play Peter Jansen 169
3.4. Verifying and Codifying Strategies
in a Chess Endgame.
Bob Herschberg, Jaap van den Herik,
Patrick Schoo
3.5. Learning in Bebe [3] Tony Scherzer, Linda Scherzer, Dean Tjaden 197
3.6. The Bratko-Kopec Test Revisited Tony Marsland 217
IV Computer Chess and A.I
4.1. Chess as the Drosophila of AI John McCarthy 227
4.2. Brute Force in Chess and Science Donald Michie 239
4.3 Perspectives on Falling from Grace Mikhail Donskoy, Jonathan Schaeffer 259
V A New Drosophila for AI?
5.1. The Design and Evolution of Go Explorer Ken Chen, Anders Kierulf,
Martin Müller, Jürg Nievergelt
5.2. Knowledge Representation and
its Refinement in Go Programs
Kiyoshi Shirayanagi 287

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