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Hermann Kaindl [1]

Hermann Kaindl,
an Austrian computer scientist, games researcher and since 2003 full professor at the Vienna University of Technology, where he already defended his Ph.D. under supervision of Wilhelm Barth [2] [3]. Kaindl was senior consultant with the division of program and systems engineering at Siemens AG Austria. Concurrently to his work in the industry, Kaindl has given lectures in computer science at the Technical University of Vienna since 1984, where he received the venia docendi in applied computer science (Praktische Informatik) in 1989 [4].


As student, Hermann Kaindl was primary author of the chess program Merlin, along with Helmut Horacek, Marcus Wagner and Roland Schreier, competing at various ACM North American Computer Chess Championships and two World Computer Chess Championships in the 80s [5].



Advances in Computer Chess 5 Smalltalk:
Hans Berliner, Hermann Kaindl, Helmut Horacek, Adriaan de Groot and Reiner Seidel [6]

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