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Peter Jennings [1]

Peter R. Jennings,
a Canadian (born in England) [2] physicist, interdiscipline scientist, inventor, software developer, computer chess programmer, businessman, and paraglider. He studied mathematics, physics, fine art, philosophy, psychology, finance and marketing, and received a MA in physics from SUNY Stony Brook University in 1972, and a MBA in finance and marketing McMaster University in 1974 [3].


Peter Jennings is author of the first commercially successful chess program for microcomputers in 1976, MicroChess for the KIM-1 6502-based microcomputer [4]. In 1977 MicroChess was ported to 8080/Z80-based microcomputers [5], such as the TRS-80 [6]. Based on MicroChess 1.5, Jennings further created the programs for the dedicated 6504 based Commodore ChessMate (1978) and Novag Chess Champion MK II (1979) [7].


In 1976, Peter Jennings co-founded Personal Software which became VisiCorp, and was involved in the creation of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program. Notably, MicroChess sales helped to finance the development of VisiCalc [8] [9].

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