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Carl Ebeling [1]

Carl Ebeling,
an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, and professor at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle.

All the Right Moves

As Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, Carl Ebeling was member of the HiTech team around Hans Berliner. Carl Ebeling's Ph.D. thesis was titled All the Right Moves [2] and describes a VLSI architecture for computing complex chess evaluation functions quickly, as used in HiTech.


5-2a.Carnegie Mellon University.Berliner-Hans Ebeling-Carl.198X.L062302001.CMU.lg.jpg

Hans Berliner and Carl Ebeling, developers of HiTech at Carnegie Mellon University [3]


Hans Berliner on Ebeling's role in the HiTech team (1988) [4] :

Carl Ebeling (now at University of Washington) built the special purpose hardware (Ebeling 1985), and a good deal of software relating to how to interface to the hardware and see what it is doing for debugging purposes. 

Selected Publications

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