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Anders Kierulf [1]

Anders Kierulf,
a Swiss computer scientist, Ph.D. from ETH Zurich [2], 3-dan Go player, and since 1999 professional Go programmer. Anders is co-author of the veteran program Explorer, which was developed along with Martin Müller and Ken Chen, playing Computer Olympiads from 1989 until 2005, two times winning Gold medals. His commercial program SmartGo for Windows as well for Apple iPhone and iPad mobile devices is market by his own company Smart Go, Inc. [3], located in Utah.

Smart Game Board

The Smart Game Board, topic of Kierulf's Ph.D. thesis, provides a GUI for rapid prototyping of game programs, and has been used for Go, Go-Moku, Othello, and Chess, among others [4]. Along with Go Explorer, the Smart Game Board was introduced by Jürg Nievergelt at the New Directions in Game-Tree Search workshop during the WCCC 1989 [5], further elaboared by Martin Müller at the Heuristic Programming in AI 2 workshop of the 2nd Computer Olympiad in 1990 [6] [7].

Selected Publications

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