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Striking combination [1]

A Combination is a sequence of moves which uses tactical means and exploits specific peculiarities of the position to achieve a certain goal [2] . Combinatorial motives may include tactics like pins, discovered checks and attacks, double attacks, forks and so on. It often starts with a sacrifice or decoy, and leaves the opponent very few forced options to reply.

The search routine of a chess program may take some plies to recognize an initial sacrifice pays off, to distinguish it from a blunder. Extensions are designed to recognize successful combinations earlier, often triggered by forced and often singular replies from the defending side. A so called Petite combination involves only a few moves [3] [4] .

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feat. John Lee, Gerry Brown, Philip Catherine, Jasper van 't Hof, Rob Van Den Broeck, Jan Huydts, Robert Jan Stips, Henny Vonk


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