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Eric Schiller [1]

Eric Schiller, (March 20, 1955 – November 3, 2018)
was an American linguist, FIDE master of chess, chess trainer, chess journalist and writer. He was author and co-author of over 100 chess books and opening monographs [2]. Eric Schiller received a Ph.D. in linguistics at University of Chicago in 1991 [3]. He died on November 3, 2018 of cardiovascular disease [4].


Eric Schiller was chess tournament director and organizer, and international arbiter, most notably for the Braingames World Chess Championship 2000 in London between Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik. Along with Enrique Irazoqui, Eric Schiller was designated arbiter of the Kramnik versus Deep Fritz 2002 match [5]. When the Einstein Group PLC took over the rights for the Man vs Machine event in Bahrain from Brain Games [6], Schiller was vetoed by ChessBase, and revealed some internals on the Cadaques Qualifier between Fritz and Junior [7].

Chess Software

Eric Schiller was involved in developing chess teaching software and tutorials, and contributed to Kasparov's Gambit [8], Chessmaster 5000 [9], and authored the chess teaching software Dr. Schiller's Chess Game & How to Play Chess [10] [11], which incorporates Jeff Mallett's chess engine Innovation [12].

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