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David Kittinger [1]

David (Dave) Kittinger,
an American electrical engineer and computer chess programmer, active since 1979 with his first program MyChess, which was quite successful during its ACM 1979 debut. Short after, David started to work for Novag in developing programs for dedicated chess computers, beside others Savant, Robot Adversary, Constellation and the mighty Super Constellation with its pre scan heuristics [2]. He later also wrote the chess engine for Chessmaster 2000 and was further involved in developing the Chessmaster 3000 [3] [4] [5]. In 1995 David Kittinger released his new DOS-Program WChess, also the engine of Sierra's Power Chess [6], market since 1996 as Windows 95 program [7], and of Interplay's USCF Chess in 1998 [8]. The further developed WChess 2000 was incorporated as game AI in Majestic Chess, released in 2003 by Sierra and Vivendi [9], and inside Sierra's Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures in 2004 [10]. His long time collaboration with Novag still yields in new dedicated units from time to time, for instance Novag Citrine in 2006.

In 1995 during the WCCC 1995 in Hong Kong, David told Bruce Moreland about a move generation scheme, which was later called 0x88 [11] .



David Kittinger, WCCC 1983 [12]

3-1 and 3-2.Thompson Kittenger.WCCC-Edmonton.1989.102645363.NEWBORN.lg.jpg

Thompson and Kittinger at WCCC 1989 in Edmonton, Alberta [13]

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