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Aladdin in the Magic Garden [1]

Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures,
a Disney's Aladdin licensed Windows chess game that teaches chess to beginning chess aficionados. Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures was published in October 2004 by Sierra Entertainment Inc. and its holdings company Vivendi Games, developed by Fluent Entertainment, Inc. [2] , founded by former Mindscape product manager Donald W. Laabs, with John Merlino as associate producer, and David Bringhurst as software designer involved. The chess engine is based on WChess 2000 by David Kittinger.

The game features tutorials, 3D boards, pieces and backgrounds, player vs. player and computer vs. player, and adventure modes, where players earn chess pieces and magical items by defeating opponents, solving puzzles, playing mini-matches, and winning speed trials [3] .

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