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Mike Johnson [1]

Mike Johnson,
a British computer chess programmer and microcomputer chess pioneer. His program Mike for a Motorola 6800 8-bit CPU (also known as M6800 Chess) won the First PCW Microcomputer Chess Championship, London, September 1978. Mike played the ACM 1978 and the WMCCC 1980.

Cemmercial Career

Mike Johnson was hired by Levy and O’Connell, who were about to found Philidor Software, the forerunner of Intelligent Software, to develop computers chess programs for SciSys and Novag, notably the 6502 based Chess Champion Super System III, and the Fairchild F8 based Chess Champion Pocket Chess and Chess Partner 2000. In 1980 he joined forces with Dave Wilson to construct and build the bit sliced chess machine Advance, which won the European MCC 1982 and European MCC 1983 respectively, and further participated at the WCCC 1980, the WCCC 1983, and the WCCC 1986 [2].

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