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Matthias Engelbach [1]

Matthias Engelbach,
a German chess programmer, management consultant, and electrical engineer, in 1980 graduated from Bundeswehr University Munich, part of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) supposed to offer civilian academic education for military officers. In 1978, Matthias Engelbach started to develop the chess program Schach in Algol running on mainframe computers [2]. According to a former description [3], Schach 2.0 extended a 1970s version of Schach by Rolf C. Smith and Franklin D. Ceruti. In the early 90s, along with co-author Thomas Kreitmair, Schach 3.0 was a complete re-write in x86 (486) assembly language for PCs, to become one of the fastest programs of its time [4].

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