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Jack O’Keefe [1]

Jack O’Keefe, (March 25, 1930 - July 31, 2008 [2])
was an American chess player and chess historian [3] from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and 1967 Michigan Open State Champion [4].


In the 70s and early 80s, along with Mike Alexander, Victor Berman, Mark Hersey and Fred Swartz, Jack O’Keefe was team member and chess consultant of the program CHAOS [5] , at that time affiliated with the Computing Center of the University of Michigan. CHAOS was one of the strongest programs of its time, using an unique, knowledge based and selective best-first, iterative widening approach [6], keeping the search tree in memory.


Quote from Computer vs. computer: Duel on the Chessboard [7] on ACM 1979:

The biggest and most powerful computers do that very well. In one second, they can examine thousands of possible moves. The problem is, they stop to consider lousy moves that a human player wouldn't waste a fraction of a second on. On the other side of the fence are the slower but "smarter" computer programs. They can't think about zillions of chess moves, so they need a lot of information about chess plugged into them. CHAOS is one of these latter, pumped with chess information from John J. O'Keefe, one of Michigan's top players. 

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