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David Broughton [1]

David C. Broughton,
a British computer chess programmer. His first chess program Vega, written on the Z80 North Star Horizon machine, had finished 2nd behind Sargon at the 2nd PCW-MCC tournament held in London in November 1979, and he was soon recruited by David Levy and Kevin O’Connell to work for their companies Philidor Software and since 1981 Intelligent Software. He worked on the project Philidor which 8086 port emerged to Parker Chess, and to the SciSys Chess Champion Mark V [2]. Broughton’s work for the Mark V was in the form of Z80 assembly. As the Mark V had a 6502 processor, the program had to be extensively translated and rewritten. So credit for the Mark V program has to go both to Mark Taylor and David Broughton, though David Levy is known to credit the Mark V to Taylor [3].

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