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Philidor Software,
a British computer chess and AI games developing and trading company, founded in 1979 by David Levy and Kevin O’Connell. Philidor Software emerged from the former chess book publishing company Philidor Press Ltd. [1], which was founded by Levy and O’Connell in about 1975 [2]. Primary business partner was Eric Winkler of SciSys [3], who manufactured and traded most of the dedicated chess computers with programs provided by Philidor Software.

Recruiting Ground

The PCW tournaments were their primary recruiting ground, where Mike Johnson, David Broughton, and Mark Taylor from outside the computer chess circus were hired to develop programs for homecomputers and dedicated chess computers, later in 1981, Martin Bryant.

Mike Watters in Chess Computer UK [4]:

PCW tournaments were to provide Levy and O’Connell with a fertile recruiting ground for proven chess programmers. For the time being though other avenues were explored. At the bottom of his article entitled ‘Chess Programming: Before You Begin’ published in the May 1979 edition of Personal Computer World, David Levy added an advertisement for programmers. At this point the Philidor Software company was born. 
Philidor Software 1979 Advert 1 70 x 70.JPG

Intelligent Software

In summer 1981, Levy and O’Connell decided to loosen their relationship with SciSys and founded their new software company Intelligent Software in autumn 1981 [5] [6]

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