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Intelligent Software,
a British computer chess and AI games developing and trading company with focus on research and development of dedicated chess computers, founded in autumn 1981 by David Levy and Kevin O’Connell. Intelligent Software evolved from their former company Philidor Software, initially as a separate company to no longer develop programs exclusively for SciSys, but also for Milton Bradley, Newcrest Technology, and others [1] [2] . The new company name was already advised by Intelligent Games Ltd., distributing Intelligent Chess since 1980. Intelligent Software had several computer chess programmers under contract. The programmers already affiliated with Philidor Software, Mark Taylor, David Broughton, and Mike Johnson, were supplemented by Richard Lang and a Checkers programmer called Martin Bryant [3] .


In late 1982, Intelligent Software was commissioned to develop a home computer, the Z80 based Enterprise with 64 resp. 128 KiB of bank switched RAM, and a Basic interpreter in ROM. Announced in September 1983 with a advised release date of April 1984, the Enterprise did not ship until 1985 [4] . In Germany, the computer was distributed by Hegener & Glaser as Mephisto PHC 64.

Close Down

Intelligent Software was closed down in 1986 when its biggest customer, the commissioning company defaulted on a very large payment [5] .




Intelligent Chess designers, and Intelligent Software founders: David Levy and Kevin O’Connell [6]

Programming Team


Intelligent Software programming team. Martin Bryant (left), Mark Taylor (next to him), Richard Lang (top right) [7]

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