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Intelligent Chess Software (Intelligent Software),
a series of experimental chess programs by Intelligent Software, the software forge by David Levy and Kevin O’Connell, initially based on Richard Lang's Cyrus program, which was also incorporated inside the dedicated computers Chess 2001 and La Regence.


Not to confused with the commercial dedicated tape recorder computer SciSys Intelligent Chess from 1980 [1], developed by Levy's and O’Connell's earlier company Philidor Software, Intelligent Chess Software was intended as testbed and development version for later commercial distributions, and to play tournaments with an own-brand, similar to the Philidor program by Philidor Software. The Intelligent version written by Lang in Z80 assembly played the WMCCC 1984 in Glasgow, and was virtually the same program as used in the dedicated L'Empereur which participated in the same event [2]. Richard Lang and Mark Taylor are mentioned as authors of the 6502 based entry which participated the ACM 1984 [3] for an Apple IIe, while David Broughton and Mark Taylor were the authors of the ACM 1985 entry, running on an Apple IIe with an accelerated 6502 [4].

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