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Intelligent Chess [1]

Intelligent Chess, (SciSys Intelligent Chess)
a dedicated chess computer and early forerunner of both chess database and chess display system based on a system called Tolinka by Barry Savage, a 2D Graphics Board displayed on a Television screen with flashing square features. Further, games along with audio commentaries could be stored and retrieved using an integrated Stereo audio cassette tape recorder. Intelligent Chess was developed by Philidor Software, and manufactured by SciSys for the associated Intelligent Games Ltd., forerunner of Intelligent Software, released in 1980.


Concept and design of Intelligent Chess were by David Levy and Kevin O’Connell. The 8 KiB 6502 program was based on the Chess Champion Super System III by Mike Johnson and the then latest version of the Philidor playing program, according to Mike Watters mainly written by Mark Taylor [3]. The circuit design was by Barry Savage, inventor of the Tolinka display system [4].

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