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The PCW Microcomputer Chess Championship was held six times from 1978 to 1983 as part of the Personal Computer World exhibition in London, United Kingdom. The third event was declared the First World Microcomputer Chess Championship, as well as the First European Microcomputer Chess Championship (inofficial ). The remaining three PCW events were further subsequently declared European Microcomputer Chess Championship. David Levy remarks in his 1978 report that he is beginning to prefer computer chess to competing in international tournaments [1].


Edition Event Participants Champion
1st PCW-MCC 1978 6 Mike
2nd PCW-MCC 1979 9 Sargon
3rd PCW-MCC 1980 14 Chess Challenger
4th PCW-MCC 1981 12 Cyrus
5th PCW-MCC 1982 12 Advance 2.4
6th PCW-MCC 1983 14 Advance 3.0

Recruiting Ground

Mike Watters in Chess Computer UK [2] :

PCW tournaments were to provide Levy and O’Connell with a fertile recruiting ground for proven chess programmers. For the time being though other avenues were explored. At the bottom of his article entitled ‘Chess Programming: Before You Begin’ published in the May 1979 edition of Personal Computer World, David Levy added an advertisement for programmers. At this point the Philidor Software company was born.

Philidor Software 1979 Advert 1 70 x 70.JPG

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