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Sito Dekker [1]

Sito Dekker,
a Dutch physicist, electrical engineer, computer scientist, and CEO and Owner of DekTec Digital Video [2] . While affiliated with the Delft University of Technology in the 80s, Sito Dekker was co-author of the computer chess programs Pion and Dutch, and researched on endgame tablebases. Along with David Forthoffer and Lars Rasmussen, he was primary author of the automated database generation program Retro, considering both en passant and castling inside its indexing scheme [3]. They revealed five discrepancies in KRKB [4] from the numbers published by Jaap van den Herik and Bob Herschberg, et al. [5].



Pion team: <?>, Jan Derksen, Jaap van den Herik, Harry Nefkens (center), Roger Hünen
back of head of Sito Dekker sitting in front of the board [6]

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