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Gavon [1]

a portable, commercial chess system by Josu Bergara Ede with the look and feel of the dedicated chess computers of the 80's, using Windows tablet, Raspberry Pi, pcDuino, or ODROID with LCD and Keypad unit [2] or TFT displays, and a SD memory card with pre-installed open source chess engines, shipped via eBay. Gavon can be classified as a chess UI similar to Arena or Scid vs. PC with the chess engines integrated. It is written in C, like the chess engines compiled for the ARM processor, running under Linux, supporting both the Universal Chess Interface and the Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka XBoard.

Playing Chess

Gavon allows to play chess without connecting either to a PC or monitor. When the host system boots, it will automatically start the Gavon controller program which loads the chess engines available. Indicated by its LCD, one can select the engine, level and mode of play via the selection buttons. Entering moves is possible via the keypad as well, but Gavon is also able to interface with various USB or Bluetooth Sensory boards, such as the DGT USB Board [3] , DGT Bluetooth Board or Berger's USB Solus Board [4] [5] Can be connected to classic chess computers such as Saitek Renaissance using the OSA-Link interface. Gavon has several opening created from world chess champions or from user custom PGN files that can be used to play the games. The played moves can be heard by an external speaker connected to the audio output of the Raspberry Pi.

Available Chess Engines


The name Gavon is the text reverse of Novag, in honor to the famous company of dedicated chess computers.

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