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Origin of the word jazz [1]

an open source engine under the GNU General Public Licence by Evert Glebbeek, written in C, first released in February 2011 [2]. Jazz supports both, the Universal Chess Interface and Chess Engine Communication Protocol, and using appropriate compiles, runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X boxes.


Jazz uses bitboards, first rotated bitboards, later Kindergarten bitboards to determine sliding piece attacks [3]. It performs fail-soft alpha-beta principal variation search with quiescence, null move pruning and check extensions. Move ordering considers hash move, mate killers, and along with a SEE, winning captures and promotions. Further, beside the killer heuristic and countermove heuristic, a so called Combo Move heuristics is used to possibly refute opponent moves along similar lines [4]. The implementation of a multithreaded parallel search along the Young Brothers Wait Concept with lock-less hashing was elaborated by Evert Glebbeek in a April 2013 CCC posting [5]. Jazz' evaluation takes material, piece-square tables, pawn structure, mobility, and king safety into account.

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