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GreKo for Android [1]

a Chess Engine Communication Protocol compliant open source engine by Vladimir Medvedev, written in C++ and relying on the Standard Template Library. Starting the development in 2002 [2], GreKo was first a classical alpha-beta searcher within an iterative deepening framework, performing an evaluation considering material and various positional aspects such as pawn structure. Checks, recaptures and passers arriving the seventh rank were extended. The opening book utilizes the hash table to recognize transpositions.

Over the time, GreKo experienced various changes, applying a 0x88 board with piece lists, a hybrid bitboard-0x88 approach, and in 2008, Magic bitboards. Search has become PVS, null move pruning with R=4, and a lot of new evaluation terms such as mobility and material imbalances were added, and position learning applied. Since version 5.0, GreKo further supports UCI [3]. In April 2011, GreKo was ported by Aart Bik for Android using the GUI of his Chess for Android application [4]. GreKo 2015 ML, released in July 2016 [5], features a command for learning from a PGN file. The algorithm is similar to Texel's Tuning Method, but using evaluation function instead of expensive quiescence search for making predictions of game results [6].

Tournament Play

GreKo participated at the 1st Computer Chess Championship of CIS Countries, Moscow 2008.


The program's name is dedicated to the Italian historical chess master Gioachino Greco and is acronym of the Great Kombinator [7].


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