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An Ifrit named Arghan Div [1]

Ifrit, (Ифрит)
an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Andrey Brenkman, written in C++, distributed under the GNU General Public License, with executables built to run under Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android, 64, and 32 bit. The development started in 2006, as suggested by the copyright notice inside the source files, the most recent version m1.8 published on Bitbucket on June 14, 2012. Ifrit used several board representations and implementations in four series, namely 0x88 in series "c" , Bitboards in "b", object oriented Bitboards in series "j", and finally, Magic Bitboards in series "m". The search does not perform Negamax, but indirect recursion with White as max-player and Black as min-player. Some routines, such as bitscan, are instantiated in multiple source files, bitboard constants are defined as decimals rather than more intuitive hexadecimal for board pattern.



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Ифрит — Википедия


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  3. Bitscan forward by De Bruijn Multiplication with De Bruijn constant from CPW, 0x03F79D71B4CB0A89, used as decimal magic 285870213051386505, implementation (decimal conversion?) credited to Jim Ablett, routine by Charles Leiserson, Harald Prokop and Keith H. Randall, end of abrenkman / Ifrit_chess_engine / source / move_generation.cpp — Bitbucket, also instantiated elsewhere

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