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Mephisto Modular with Lyon and Almeria modules [1]

Mephisto Module Systems,
by Hegener & Glaser, first released as Modular and Exclusive in 1983 along with the MM I module including the Mephisto III program by Elmar Henne and Thomas Nitsche, consisting of an autosensory board with 64 LEDs for each square, pieces with magnetic base, and three module bays in a drawer below the board for the exchangeable modules. The main processor module(s) had the chess playing program in ROM, some with optional opening book modules. Further modules include power supply and peripherals such as keypad and display if not already integrated inside the main module. The most recent Mephisto Bavaria had an electronic piece recognition board, but does only work with WMCCC modules with programs by Richard Lang beginning with Portorose V.104 [2] indicated with (B) in the below module list.


Mephisto Release Year Board Pieces King's height
Modular 1983 30x35 cm² plastic plastic 50 or 60 mm
Exclusive 1983 40x40 cm² wood wood 69 mm
München 1985 50x50 cm² wood wood 89 mm
Bavaria 1990 50x50 cm² wood wood 89 mm

Chess Playing Modules

Mephisto London 68030 (B)
Mephisto III-S Glasgow

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