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a component of a modular dedicated chess computer system, typically consisting of own hardware in form of a pluggable board with processor, memory, and other electronic components, with an own chess program typically persistant in ROM, while some multi-module systems also provide peripheral, user interface, opening book and endgame modules. The environmentally friendly idea of the chess computer industry in the 80s and early 90s was to replace only a part of the complete system, when new and stronger programs and hardware became available - or to exchange modules for different games or even game phases during the course of a game, while leaving the device appearance identifying parts, usually the sensory board, housing, and power supply the same. Further, it was hoped, that module systems would increase sales volume, since users would upgrade hardware and software more frequently.


Similar modularity was also common in early video game consoles, where modules were called cartridges, and also with pluggable cards in PCs à la The Final Chesscard and ChessMachine, while other manufacturers preferred the flexible concept of a sensory board as optional user interface for small dedicated computers. However, with the advent of PCs with better performance general purpose hardware during the early 90s, and PC programs vastly becoming stronger than dedicated units, the basic motivation for module systems diminished.

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