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ARB [1]

Chafitz ARB Sargon 2.5,
the first commercial dedicated chess computer with an Auto Response Board (ARB) incorporating a 6502 processors running the mighty Sargon 2.5 program by Dan und Kathe Spracklen. The Chafitz ARB Sargon 2.5, manufactured by Applied Concepts and distributed by Chafitz and Sandy Electronic, was launched in 1980 to became a milestone for electronic chess computers and starts the era of sensory board chess computers [2]. The computer participated at the ACM 1979, and the WMCCC 1980, competing with four other Sargon incarnations and finished 8th of 15 with 2½ out of 5 [3]. After the Spracklens started their collaboration with Fidelity Electronics, the development of the computer was continued by John Aker at Applied Concepts [4] [5]. The machine had an exchangeable program module, with subsequent cartridges available [6].


Sargon 2-5 ACM1979.jpg

ACM 1979, Kathe Spracklen and Dan Spracklen, Sargon 2.5 [7]

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